Saturday, July 21, 2007


Many people were known of the myths story about Mermaids, these are the creatures that were said to be living in the dark deepest part of the sea where nobody can reach and disturb them. The Mermaids were characterized as a half human and a half fish in form. As part of my fascination of knowing amazing and yet hard to discover things I would like to show you some of the evidences that the “Mermaids” could be existing.

The pictures you were about to see were took in Cebu, Philippines and the said Mermaids (displayed below) were said to be found by the people working near the shore.

merman image 4

merman image 6

merman image 1

merman image 8merman image 7merman image 3merman image 5

merman image 2


Ryan said...

These pictures are thought to be fake and are just mere creation of some people.

Anonymous said...

maybe they are NOT beautiful as they say :(